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Observer script functioning, but strange to "kickstart" and some hints to new users

I just started trying to use the Observer Mod (Thanks Aaron!).  When it was first installed I thought it wasn't working.  I had created tokens for each player, but I had created them by creating a new character sheet for each player.  So my nice new tokens were controlled by the character based on the character sheet.  This seems to not be compatible with Observer.  I need to set the tokens to be generic tokens (not representing a character).  Then add the GM as the controller (the other players don't have accounts).  This started it working, somewhat. Once this was done, the observer player was seeing things from the point of view of the player tokens, but it wasn't seeing things lit, and it wasn't seeing any tokens.  It looked like explorer mode, but only with the areas the tokens could see.  Explorer mode was turned on, and there were areas explored that the observer could not see. By opening the turn order and cycling through it, everything started working.  Tokens became visible, and explorer history became visible, and lighting started working.  It appears now to work even when exiting and re-launching the game. It might be worth mentioning in the documentation for it that the tokens cannot be associated with a character sheet, and it might take opening the turn order (and perhaps stepping through turns) in order to kickstart it. 
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When you say "the other players don't have accounts", how are they playing/connecting to Roll20? I used to use Observer, and it handled tokens associated with character sheets just fine.
I am using this for face to face game play (as the Observer is designed for).

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I have found that when adding / removing tokens from the map I need to remove and then re-add the observer to get it to recognize the new tokens.  I tried creating a macro for this: `` !observer --remove Observer !observer --add Observer `` But the macro did nothing.
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Hmm. I think there is something up with Observer since the change to UDL. It's on my list to investigate, hopefully tomorrow. 
Hello, any news about this script ? I'm going to play again face to face and it looks like the answer for using roll20 in that case.
It seems to be working well for me other than the issue with new tokens.  It was working when I tested before gaming. I didn't watch the player screen while gaming yesterday, but based on the player remarks it still worked. At first it didn't work, but once I got the characters and tokens set up correctly it worked well.
Thx i'll give it a go