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Token mod macro

Hi,  I'm trying a simple macro and can't get my head around it :  I want to set a selected token bar1_value to half of the hp_max of this selected token... (rounded up)  i tried this but with no success !token-mod --set bar1|[[ceil([[@{selected|hp_max}/2]])]] Anybody to help ?
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
!token-mod --set bar1|[[ceil([[@{selected|hp|max}/2]])]] When debugging API commands, you should try running them without the leading ! so you can see what is being passed to the API.  If you did that with your original command, you'd see: SyntaxError: Expected "(", ".", "[", "abs(", "ceil(", "d", "floor(", "round(", "t", "{", [ |\t], [+|\-] or [0-9] but "/" found. Which would point you toward your arguments instead of the actual API script.  Accessing the max for an attribute is used by appending |max to it, not _max.  Making that change allows it to work as expected.
I did just that, debugging only the last part, but even with the error message I couldn't find the right synthax.... Thanks a lot for your help

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One thing though, it seems to set the bar1 max to the same amount of HP added...  EDIT : Found it, just needed to --set bar1_value instead bar1.. sorry for disturbance