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Dynamic Lighting Limits?

I played a session last night with my group, and used dynamic lighting with them for the first time. It will also be the last time, at least for now. I know older computers have issues with rendering, but three of the PCs are i7, 8GB RAM, 2GB dedicated Nvidia video. The slowest Internet connection is 30MB down /2MB up. The issue is, and will be unless something gets changed, that dynamic lighting isn't working great, for my scenario. Now, I'm not suggesting it can't be used at all, but here's the issue  (This needs to be amended a bit by saying that when I was testing alone, it worked great with 2 small (25 feet) light sources on 2 tokens, on a small map.) The group (dnd next) consists of a dwarf, 2x elf, a halfling, a human. This means that at night, we have a lot of low light vision, which is not limited to the 25 feet (used above), and a torch, which is 20 feet of bright light, and another 20 feet of dim light, or 40 feet. the map is 25x27 squares, and has 1 image for the map base and two images for boulders, and one light emitting camp fire, which I deemed to be 35 feet of light . Pretty light-weight, I think (in terms of images). Now, add to that 6 Bugbears and a quasit (which all have 60' darkvision). This really adds to the problem. Even on the best computers we have, there is quite a bit of render lag and was not smooth at all. We tried update on drop and that seemed to help slightly. The real issue is when someone pans around. On the best computers, it takes a 1/2 a second or so to render when you move (with update on drop), and tolerable. On anything else it was worse. Imagine using a three year old integrated video card? Imagine using a tablet? The computer was rendered useless. We had to remove all lighting and play without it, as two computers were in that three year mark. For a bit of the battle stuff: while invisible, the quasit doused the campfire with water, causing everything to go black. This meant that darkvision and lowlight vision came into play, and was very important. I like the dynamic lighting concept because it means I don't have to constantly remove fog of war. It's automatic. Maps with a night theme or a dungeon are perfect examples of where to use this. I guess I see this as a huge setback because if a pretty powerful computer can't perform well enough, what does that say for mobile? The last thing I will say is that all of the people I play with, whether I know them, or play online, or whatever, use these types of scenes, and it is important that the experience is a good one. Yes, there are limits to how older hardware can be used, but when a tablet bought 4 months ago can't perform, and that's a huge selling point of a subscription, I'm not sure what'll happen. This is mainly informational, and hopefully shows what some people need, in terms of lighting. What plans can you share with us about where dynamic lighting is going? Where is mobile support heading? 
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Could you let us know the campaign name and map name so the devs can take a look at it? Thanks. - Gauss
Yes, I also experienced a redraw lag that momentarily exposed the whole map. I was only testing in GM mode with no other player so I do not know if they would have seen the exposed map. Huge blocks remained exposed until I let go of the mouse button and the redraw took place. edit: mine is called Test Table, map is Mines O.K. granted it is a 100x100 map with 19 light sources and FOW and DL on.  Is that too much?
@Atomic Knight - I have had that happen as well. The campaign name is Caves of Shadow AND Beyond 5e, and the map I'm refering to is called Wilderness 3. Thanks Gauss
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Thank you gentlemen, I have filed a bug report.  - Gauss
So the current DL system performance is tied to the number of lights and the light radius. We are working on improvements, doing more math and less drawing to get the same result but it isn't a trivial problem. Though I guess my 9th grade geometry teacher was right and I really should have paid attention :p I don't have any sort of ETA other than to say we are working on it and hopefully improvments aren't too far away.
O.K. thanks for the update. I will keep the number of light sources on my maps to a minimum for now.
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With the recent update (see link below) to the Main server some of these issues may be improved. If you continue to have issues please let us know. :) <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> - Gauss
just popping in to update. I have played around with it a bit more, and it still has the same issues. I'm going to try to make a new campaign, with the same setup to see if that helps. I can't be one of only a few people having this issue, can I? Anyone else care to chime in, with yay or ney?
Could you PM me with an invite to your campaign? I'd like to take a look at your lighting setup. We are still working on the updated DL system but I still don't have an ETA on that.
@Eric D. invite sent via PM. Thanks for looking.&nbsp; It is what it is, if you guys are working on it. That's fine. I just want to make sure that it is addressed. If it's just this campaign for some reason, I'll move on, and make a new one, but I'd rather not. I have quite a bit into this, and since we can't move the stuff attached to it, such as tables, tokens, monsters, etc. I'd like to see about getting it fixed.&nbsp; Update: I made another campaign, with the same setup, mind you, it's a different map. I have three player tokens, all with a 40/20 light that other players can see. I also have a torch on the wall, with a 20/10 light that players can see. It seems to be working better than the other setup, but I'm not sure why. The other one is very sluggish.
So I think I know what the issue is. Can you try redoing your light blocking walls using the polygon tool instead of the free-hand drawing tool? The current lighting system's performance scales proportionally to the number of "light blockers" on the screen and the free-hand tool creates a TON of very short little light blocking segments. Using the polygon tool and creating as few points as possible should GREATLY increase the performance of that map. For others reading this thread. Please do not use the free-hand drawing tool with Dynamic Lighting. While it does generally work the result is much worse performance due to the shear number of light-blocking segments created by the use of that tool.
Nice find! I will do that, and report back. It makes sense as to why the maps I made with it are slow.&nbsp; Maybe the free-hand drawing tool could be disabled on the DL layer, for now at least? It would raise awareness about that issue just by the fact that people wouldn't be able to select that tool while on that layer. Just a thought. Sometimes you need to Kimli-proof things, you know? ;) UPDATE: Redid the DL using the Polygon tool and all is well. Thanks for popping in and having a look Eric.&nbsp;
I've already suggested that the free-hand tool be disabled on the DL layer :)