Hello hello all and welcome to the new year! We've been busy since we last  s poke with plenty of improvements and quality of life changes coming out over the past few weeks. This release notes will be rounding those up in case you missed them on the  Change Log . We've got a lot of ground to cover so I'll keep this short! December 16, 2022 Resolved an issue where certain types of Rolls (Roll Queries, Inline Roll Buttons) would silently fail for some users. December 19, 2022 Update to D&D 5e sheet that allows users to chose whether they want their proficiencies to be consolidated by type on the sheet vs. individual rows for every one. To enable this go to sheet settings and toggle on “consolidated proficiencies”. Update to Coyote & Crow character sheet to fix a bug where moving between Character Profile and Sheet would sometimes not return to the right sheet type (PC/NPC) Update to Kingmaker sheets within PF1, PF2, and D&D5e to make Army Melee Attacks rollable In the journal, holding shift and clicking on a character will open the character window to the Bio & Info tab December 20, 2022 Added a new 'Hotness' sort category on the Marketplace This sorting will highlight items that are currently popular, especially if they are new releases. Increased the maximum upload size for Pro and Plus subscribers from 10MB to 20MB Increased the maximum upload size for non-subscribers from 5MB to 10MB Adjusted the Marketplace gifting interface to display up to 500 players with whom you have played a game as potential gift recipients, instead of only 25. December 21, 2022 Fixed an issue that prevented smoothly dragging a token through a window or door Re-Implemented panning via the middle mouse button on the VTT Added snap-to-grid functionality for Windows and Doors Added Place Door & Place Window to the Undo History, so placement can be undone with Ctrl/Cmd+Z Resolved an issue in the New Voice & Video Beta where Firefox users who muted their Video stream would cause other players to see a connection error for that user. Added an Audio Activity Indicator / Visualizer to the New Voice & Video Beta Miscellaneous optimizations of VTT performance December 23, 2022 Hotfix to resolve the Miscellaneous Tab not appearing for accounts when the Apply Default Game Settings Button should be available. January 4, 2023 Released functionality for Roll20 creators to prepare content for DMs Guild and Pathfinder Infinite  Community Content Programs . January 5, 2023 Windows & Doors are now available for Plus subscribers! Windows & Doors can now be multi-selected. Fixed an issue where, when selecting a door, if you already had any other objects on the VTT selected, they still remained selected in addition to the door. API .remove() method now removes door objects. The pop-out art library now provides up-to-date storage information. Fixed an issue with WebP images no longer working from the in-VTT art library. Fixed incorrect text in Token Settings: Token Bars -> "Attribute" Nameplates/bars now animate with token movement for other players. Fixed an issue where chat input was not resizable. The tutorial is now available for community translation via CrowdIn. Fixed an issue in Chrome where chat and handouts could not be reopened or redocked after closing a popout window. Fixed an issue when copying a game that would cause ampersands to show as "&" January 9, 2023 Fixed an issue with chat where the return key would not start a new line instead of sending. January 11, 2023 Set a default cap on frame rate in the VTT (30 fps) and added a setting for adjustment (60 fps or uncapped). This change targets performance issues some users have been seeing. Fixed an issue where popping out chat in Firefox only popped out the chat box. Fixed an issue where jump to page from outline did not work for some PDFs. Fixed an issue where locked tokens could be selected and moved along the edge of barriers. As always of course, you can keep an eye on our  Change Log  for up-to-date information as releases come out!