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[LFP] [PF2] Looking for Players for Monday Afternoon/Evening Game

A little about game, We will have it taking place in Golarion, Open World Setting. Will add Custom towns and other areas of interest, as well as use established places so some of the lore books can be used. We might have over all story plots or just random adventuring and Dungeon Delving, I might even grab parts from official adventures and stuff too. Would love for this to be a long term thing.  What you can expect, I am newer to Pathfinder 2e System, so game might be a little slower at first as I and others who might not have played PF2 get the finer part of the rules, house rules and changes might occur some as we go, I like to use rule of cool at times and what not if needed. I like to help players tell their story and not do Player vs Gm. But that being said death can happen, I don't fudge rolls and stuff. I love humor and stuff, but at same time there is seriousness and consequences for actions. I do like to do traps and stuff as well. I have been known to have whole sessions of just Rp if that is what players are doing.  Looking for 3 to 4 Players, I have two players already. Looking to play every Monday Afternoon or Evening, I expect like 4 hour sessions but could run a little shorter or way longer depending on types of players and their time frames, I am in CST and will be looking for Afternoon or Evening in CST time zone. New Players or Vets Welcome, Just don't be a rules lawyer or impatient. I expect a few slow games and mistakes as we learn together. I don't care about nationality, gender, race or any of all that, I just require you can speak and understand English, have a mic and discord. Bad spelling grammar and all that is whatever to me, I suck at Grammar and make mistakes myself. I should mention too, if easily offended, please be wary, there will be adult themes and jokes I am sure, I won't stop PC from hating Orcs and other stuff in game. If you have questions or want to contact me about joining, feel free to PM me here on Roll 20 or respond to this post. 

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o/ Hello, I am a  veteran roleplayer from the days way before TTRPGs, very plot- and world-oriented, but I also appreciate good impactful combat and a bit of min-max too. I may tune out in cases of inventory management and skippable mechanics that I don't find as impactful take too long, but am a nerd and good for tables of stuff, so if you're more of a story and action guy, I am your action lass to conspire with, that can also be a bookkeeper for party between sessions. I live in GMT+3 and tend to stay up deep into the night, so if you would have a blunt as a rock Eastern European barbarian (my English is actually on solid Upper Intermediate, according too tests, though rusty at times), I'd be glad to play at your table! Characters-wise, I've got a bunch of concepts, more male than female, and ultimately I can adapt everything, depending on story in your head and party composition.
Hello, I've been looking to join a PF2e game and I'm available to play Monday nights 8pm EDT/7pm CST onwards. Let me know if you want me in your game. My discord tag is Kelvin#2303.
Hey I'm interested in joining, been trying to get out of 5e for a while now but didn't want to DM a system I never played before. I've got some character concepts I feel PF2 will allow better than 5e but wanna do some research on this setting before I get anything in stone. I'll save the block of text about myself, my discord is Creative Nickname#8934 and hopefully we can talk there
Still looking.
Hello, you still looking for more players? I would certainly be interested. Never played PathFinder before but very much intrigued after playing the video games from OwlCat studios base on PF1e. As for TTRPG I have 5 years of experience in D&D 5E, so I know the basics of how these games are played, and if you are all new to the system that would be perfect so we could learn it together. Few things about myself? I'm from EU actually but at the moment have all the free time and am a night owl so game time wouldn't be that much of a problem. I'm a guy named Sašo, and I'm over 30 years old so I don't follow any of the weird USA sensibilities or sensitivities, hope that's not a problem. My base rule is just, don't be a jerk, be nice and try to have patience with people. If you have any question, please just contact me on Discord on: Varagan#3728 As for what I would like to play? Not quite sure yet, I've always been more of a melee bruiser character type so maybe barbarian, fighter or some PF2E equivalent.
Hello! If you are still looking for a player, i would like to join. I'm completely new to searching for a group online, all other games I've played has been with people I've known irl. I've been playing DND for years starting with 3.5, then 4e then 5e. I also played a good bit of Pathfinder 1e back in the day after DND 3.5. I am completely new to pf2e but really want to get into it, i have an idea for a Bard, but honestly i am able to play whatever class or role is needed to best support the group. I love to roleplay, and i like combat, and i can be pretty silly but also love the intense serious drama from these games so i think I'd fit right in. If any of this sounds good, my discord is JadeJem92#3467
I think we have everyone wee need now, will open this back up if anyone drops. Thanks for the messages and applications.