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Looking for test players for a dragonball rpg in development.

So I am creating a ruleset for a dragon ball RPG of my own creation, and I'm looking for some players that would like to test-play it with me. Enjoyment of the source material would of course be a very big plus in this situation. The game itself will be set in an alternate universe, where things went a little bit differently from the canon timeline. You might run into characters you know, but for the great majority of it, it's all new lore and characters. So my system itself uses four type of dice, d6, d8, d10 & d12, the better you are in something, the better dice you get, and the more of them you can have. If you favor strength over speed for example, you could have speed d6 and strength d10. There's a bit of math involved, but much of it isn't that hard, and I'm trying to create a character sheet spreadsheet that would calculate most of that for us anyway. It's using power levels as well, and destructible environment, so you can escalate your destructive powers all the way to planetbusting feats of strength. It currently doesn't use classes or a leveling system, but rather you can spend your experience (which you get from questing, combat or training) to improve your stats, features or techniques. Now, why not just play saiyan? Well, I am trying to balance things a bit for all the races, and since this game is going to be beta tested, things will undoubtedly change, but I am giving all races various edges and advantages over eachother, while trying to stay inside canon lore as much as possible. That said, go ahead and play a saiyan if you want to:p There is no time set for when the game would be played, I'd check with all my players in regards to that. It can play GMT, EST, or whatever works for everyone. We are about a couple of weeks away from starting, I'd think. Unsure about that, but in that general ballpark. And while I'm looking for playtesters, I'm also looking for people that want to play and have a good time. I do expect us to have some fun and do adventures in a new dragon ball world.
i'm keen to beta test things
Dragonball, you say? I'd be interested in giving that a look. Will you be using the usual combination of Discord and Roll20 to run things?
discord and roll20, indeed. Though I will have a custom made spreadsheet character sheet as well
Nice I’m still interested 
i have been wanting to play in a dragonball dnd game for so long! i would love to help you test the system!
Now this sounds interesting, I would be down for some testing if needed. And playing afterwards. Never played a Dragonball type game like this but super willing to learn and give honest feedback!
Im interested in playing