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[LFP] [D&D5e] [EXPERIENCED DM] [PAID] [$13.00/£10][SUNDAY] [WEEKLY] [ONGOING] Looking for 2-3 players for my Low Magic Campaign: The Broken Realms!


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Welcome, We find ourselves on the vast continent of Meur Kador, the largest of three major continents in the world of Ultera. Currently within the fourth age, the Age of Irons, an uneasy peace lies about the war-strewn realm in the wake of the War of Crowns. Yet, even that tremulous peace is built upon lies and shaky&nbsp;foundations as skirmishes and fragile ceasefires are but a tool to delay... Each member of the Triad of Crowns seeks the upper hand to end it once and for all. It has been a long time since the third age, The Age of Whispers came to a screaming end over one hundred and nine years ago. Much of the splendours of the old world of arcanum are lost and inert as the realm-shattering events of the Stolen Span and Shackling of Continuum's robbed the world of much. But magic is once more beginning to rise despite the stigma and hatred associated with it. Dark creatures grow in strength in the shadowed corners and hidden nooks of the continent. Without the abundance of enchanted weapons and tools, the unnatural is a deadly threat to the living. In these Broken Realms, we wait and watch. In these shattered streets, we grow and learn. In this forlorn world, we await... &nbsp; You. ------ This campaign is a long-term campaign run weekly at 3pm GMT and will see characters grow from level ten through to twenty. The world is completely homebrew and features a plethora of interesting homebrew weapons, pantheons, items, and systems that will spice up all aspects of the game.&nbsp; It is low magic, yet weapons come with different traits and grades depending on the smith and provide interesting features and traits. Enemies possess different defences that require the clever use of multiple types of damage. Magic is looked upon with a dark stigma due to the events of the Archmagi long ago, yet in recent years it has begun to lessen and though most still look upon mages with disgust or fear, a lot covet it in secret. The campaign will be P2P to cover the time I put into this sprawling world and story.&nbsp; I assure you, it will be worth the cost! I am looking for two replacement characters to join this adventure as we must say farewell to a player due to them getting a very well-earned job! You will be coming in at level 10 as the party set their minds and skills against the terrifying Strayborne, the nightmare of a God trapped within the Phantom Woods. The Group consists of a Warlock, Druid, Bard &amp; Rogue with a Fighter/Rogue (Multiclass) dropping in occasionally but any class/race will be welcomed, and encounters balanced around party composition to allow players to enjoy whatever character they make. Inquire within if you seek to traverse these Broken Realms.&nbsp; &nbsp; Please fill in the following fields as well as a brief introduction of yourself. In regards to the class you wish to play, I do not need too many details as I will discuss viability and how they would fit in the world in PM's. I am a firm believer in taking my time with players to make sure they understand and are happy with how their PC's fit in the world and as a result, I see my players enjoy it more and feel involved and important. Name: Age: D&amp;D Experience: Timezone:&nbsp; Your Preference Order &nbsp;( Combat / Roleplay / Exploration etc): Class you wish to play: Why you want to play in this campaign: This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $13/£10 per player via PayPal at the start of the weekly session. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>