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Is there a way or a mod that accomplish private whispers based on map placement?

In my head I am looking to do something like this: 1) It's a Trap - Player walks over a Supernote, triggering the "trap". The "trap" is moved to the Token layer but only visible to that player so that player can do a !pcnote OR 2) It's a Trap - whomever triggers it will see the result in private. So if I wanted to leave a hidden message - only that player will know it. Scenerio - In a town, I'd like to have set up a few rumor dialogs with Npcs. So as they are free roaming on my map, if they step on the right square, he or she only will trigger a trap and reach the private dialog, instead of me trying to type/whisper to them while everyone still doing things, or to handout a handout.  A lot of the stuff I want to do is based on secrecy as well. 

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I could imagine someone could design a solution with the ScriptCards Mod Scripting language.  It now supports triggers, which I believe include token movement.  It can also calculate the distance between two tokens.   Here is how you might achieve this: Setup:  Add your "Secret" tokens to the GM Layer of the map.  For each secret token, populate a bar value (i.e., bar2_value) with trigger distance in feet the PC Token would need to be to discover the "Secret".  You could even give it a Stealth DC and plug it into one of the other bar values.  Add your secret text in the "Tooltip". Here are the steps you would do in the triggered scriptcard: Is the token  that just moved associated with a player/character?   Yes - Build an array of "Secret" tokens    For each "Secret" token in the array         Get the distance between the PC Token and the current "Secret" token.           (optional) get the closest distance between the token's lastmove (a comma-delimited list of line vectors) and the "Secret" token.         Is the distance less than the bar2_value?             Yes - (optional) roll a check to see if the PC perceived the "Secret" token when it got close             Did the PC see the "Secret" Token or was no check required?                 Yes - Whisper the "Secret" Token's tooltip to the player associated with PC Token (and to the GM)             End If        End if    End For Each End   I don't know how to make the token only visible to one player, so the Tooltip "Secret" may need to contain verbage that describes where the secret is and how the information is to be presented. -- Will Also - After I wrote the above, I did a little research and there is a cousin to "Its a Trap"  called "World Map Discovery"  It may do the trick, or someone could modify it to behave more in line with your needs.  I reviewed the code and its close, but it doesn't appear to look at the path the token took, so you would be limited to where the token was dropped.  It utilizes a function library called Vector Math, which has a function for determining the closet distance between a point and a line vector.