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My AoE Macros no longer Work

Since this weekend targeting two tokens with the @{target} function seems to be broken, it still works with one target but if the second target is selected it'll just give out. I have attached a simple aoe attack macro to illustrate, did something change or is this a bug? Here is the macro if you would like to test it out &{template:default} {{name=AoE Attack}}{{@{target|Target1|token_name}=[[1d20]]}} {{@{target|Target2|token_name}=[[1d20]]}}
It seems the multiple @targets functionality is broken (sometimes it works for a few minutes and then gets broken again). Simple check: @{target | Target1 | HP} vs @{target | Target2 | AC} this should work. It worked yesterday. But at this moment it doesn't. I came here to post about this issue, not sure if it's the right forum. It seems Community Forums - Specific Use Questions & Macros gets more visitors and generally is more likely to attract attention to this.
Forum Champion
This is confirmed and being reported to the Devs, appears multiple targets are broken for people across the board. 
Katie Mae
Roll20 Team
Hi folks! Thank you for bringing this to our attention, our Developers are taking a look at it right now. I'll come back here and let you know when we have an update!
Katie Mae
Roll20 Team
Hi again! This issue should be resolved! Please take a look in your games, and let me know if you're still encountering any issues. Thanks you for your patience while we were bug-smashing!