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can't add numbers to token markers while chat is popped out

I'm having an issue that I discovered was reported two years ago on this thread.  You can not add a token marker with a number on it when you have your chat pane popped out of the main browser window. Can anyone let me know if there is a work around for this bug? It's a pretty big issue for me when I am running games.
Another issue I have looks like it is related to this same issue. If I pop a windows out, then close that pop out windows returning chat to the primary browser window, then whisper will stop working after one or two more rolls. This can not be fixed by popping the chat in or out of the browser pane. I have to reload the game to fix it.
UPDATE - I can open chrome in a separate window and pop out chat from that window. Then if I minimize the new window and go back to my first Chrome instance, everything (whispers and number entries on token markers) works just fine. I'd delete my post completely except I hope this work around helps someone. This has been vexing me for over a year.