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[LFP] [5e] [PAID] Tal'dorei Reborn -Fridays 11:30am-2:30pm (EST, UTC-5) $10 per session

We will be using roll20 for sessions. Dndbeyond for character sheets. I will use Owlbear/discord (for rolls) for times that you go off the rails and I need to improv. You can use the discord in-between sessions for downtime activities, shopping, and small quests. Session zero is free and every tenth session is also free. Session zero will begin on February 3rd.  This is an experience. I have a master tier account on dndbeyond, and an annual pro account on roll20. I'll be sharing with you all the official books, some third party content, and all my homebrew, a value of $1500.  I've been playing ttrpgs since '97. Being a forever dm for most of that time. Session zero will be free. We'll discuss expectations, off limit topics, make your characters, and run you through everything. No experience needed.