Day :  weekly on either Tuesday or Wednesday night (prefer Wednesday but might vary) Time :  10PM PST (UTC-8) running 2-3 hours System : Pathfinder 2e Current group:   DM + 3 players Style:  Hybrid Theatre of the Mind, Battlemaps with a little bit of play-by-text (& sorry, all my voices sound the same so immersion will take a bit of imagination on your part!) Our group is looking to move from 5e to Pathfinder 2e (we've dabbled in Starfinder but none of us have played PF2e).  We would like to try the Paizo adventure path--Strength of Thousands.  As a magical school setting, it leans a little more role-play than many of their offerings but still has a good showing for exploration and combat. We all work full time so the game has to start late.  We hale from Texas, Washington and Hawaii, so there might be an hour flexibility for the start time, but that's it.  We occasionally run some play-by-text on discord between sessions to develop a scene or a character, so if you like to write and play a little of theatre of the mind scattered among standard battlemaps, this campaign might be a good match for you. We're looking to add a mature player (four is always a solid number of characters) but will consider adding two players if they know each other (makes it easier to introduce that way).  The ideal player(s) would be patient with hiccups as we all learn the rules and not mind the times when the campaign sticks to the adventure path when my work gets too demanding for my creativity to flourish. If you are interested and the time works, please feel free to reach out to me with questions. I'll leave this post active and update it if the campaign is filled and we add someone to our group.  I know from the past that I cannot accommodate all interested people, but I also know that sometimes people who post on the thread find other like-minded players for a different game (and the more people playing the better!) Thanks for taking the time to read and consider!