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Are animations ever going to work correctly?

Maps simply never upload, no matter how small I make the file, or what format I try. Some people seem to get it to work after hours, but that is functionally the same as not working. Smaller assets, like tokens, will periodically just become a solid color blobs. The extension that shall not be named has somehow had easy to use animated backgrounds in Roll20 for ages and yet the official app chugs along with unusable assets for sale in the store. 
This is a particularly cogent argument as Dungeon Alchemist lets you download MP4 files of your maps since the last upgrade. I would love to use this within Roll20 but we are stuck with static images for maps.  The issue with token animations was solved for me by getting a powerful computer- unfortunately not all my players have similar spec PCs so regularly I have to switch animations off that blight their experience. 
I have the same problem I upload WebM files and 1 out of 20 seem to work after a couple of hours. all I get is a thumbnail which I cant drag onto the map.