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So back in october of 2022 i had an issue with a community i had been apart of for aout 3 years. eventually they turned into a group of spiteful hateful individuals who ridicule and harrass me and other even though we are no longer part of the community.  Its still happening. "Baldurs Gate & Beyond" is the name of the game and the individuals inside of it are the ones responsible. i was told to make a post using the help centers moderation. I did that. Twice. both times i was told to wait for a response to my email about what more i needed to do. i still have not recieved ANYTHING. My friends are being bullied and im still being called a horrible slew of things to others, who when they see me, leave games im in because of the lies. PLEASE help me.
Hello, I was also part of the Baldur's Gate & Beyond group and experienced the same issue. I was there for four years and recently the people who run it have become toxic, to the point of pushing people who wanted only to have fun out, because their way of either dming or playing was considered wrong or problematic, when it was nothing of the sort.  As one of the parties who was eventually pushed out and made to feel alienated, causing me to leave, I implore you to please do something. 
Hey folks, I definitely appreciate you speaking up about this -- and I am sorry that you've had this experience. We take these reports seriously and investigate to the best of our ability with the information provided to us. In the interim, please submit a new request via -- when doing so feel free to link back to this thread while also providing any and all information you can (screenshots, links, etc.) for our review. I am going to moderate this thread for safety reasons. Thanks for understanding.