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Only Self Tagged Tokens showing in search

Only free tokens and from web and those i have personally tagged are showing up in my library search. I have purchased several sets of tokens from Devin Night via marketplace which come with global tags. None of these show up in results, they only show up if i manually tag each one, which to be honest would take forever. Please help.
Sorry about that! We had an issue with this before but it was affecting *all* sets. But that doesn't seem to be happening this time. Which sets in particular did you purchase that you're having issues with?
all purchased a few ours ago, Brigands, goblins, humanoid monsters KS, animals KS, Heroic character 1,2 and 3, basically all of them that i purchased.
i have started to tag them myself, but oly a few, they show up when i self tag them but the global tags they come with simply arent working.
I can verify that it's not working for Brigands....but for example Heroic 1 it seems to work for. What search terms are you using that it's not working for on that pack? For example, "archer" seems to work fine for Heroic 1...
Okay, I can verify that the problem is definitely with some of the older Devin sets. So I'm looking into that now. Should have it fixed here soon.
yeh i just tried fantasy hooded and playing from sets 1 and 2, not working
I *think* I've got this fixed. Let me know if it's working for you now. Thanks!
Looks sorted, great, nice and prompt, winner.
they still show up under marketplace but at elast they show up :)