Welcome folks -- happy to share another Friday with you all :) We've pushed out a few updates  t o the Vampire the Masquerade sheet that should improve your... vamping . We've also put out some improvements to the 5e sheet to allow you to make sifting through all those feats and traits on your level 20 fighter just a bit easier. February 6, 2023 Vampire the Masquerade Official Character sheet: Added new "roll builder" to each discipline in the disciplines repeating sections: You're now able to add a single discipline worth of dice to your pool. You can also roll any other combination of attributes and skills while still applying the blood potency bonus you'd get from a normal discipline power roll. The Intense Temperament bonus still needs to be added in the "Extra Dice" Query along with any other bonuses that your Storyteller calls for. Fixed a bug on the official D&D 5e sheet where transparent images in the roll template were appearing with a gray or purple box in the background Added a filter to the official D&D 5e sheet to allow for users to filter their traits down to categories so you can see only what you want Updated our Home Page to include VTT highlights module and other relevant information Fixed a bug with password reset Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information as releases come out!