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helping players finding other players > roll20 tool improvements

I can't care what the roll20 tool can or can't do right now, searching for a game to get in is the biggest gap here. Don't matter what the tool can do if you can't find an opportunity to use it/the process of finding a game or players is too high a barrier to entry. Art a short glance are there many games i could be in or only a tiny few? Can't tell when the list is too muddeled results long making the end users have to be the manual database filters. When the database itself should be doing more of the heavy lifting on this effort for us. Facilitating not  Obfuscating the process of people getting an RP table hooked up. There are other matching criteria that really matter to a table coming together and i find basically all the RP sites fail us terribly in this. We need more attention put in on tools that facilitate players finding other players. The  "find a game" list is a mixed bag of GMs looking for players and players looking for GMs with no filtering of that possible, that is an irrational design that unnecessarily burdens end users.  Just a single update to include a radio button choice of GM offering game/players seeking GM would vastly improve the usefulness of the tool for everyone. Failing to do that one basic thing of letting us look for games OR players for so long. How? Why? This seems impossible to have even gotten to in the first place as a design, let alone remain in place for so long. and options for a listing to be filter out automatically: if there are age requirements for the table and if you land in them or not if this is a homebrew or official rules table if this is a homebrew world or an officially licensed one a system to allow the listing to have the applicants "vote" on a time slot if the host wants to offer options (it is not uncommon to see this) Anyone who has spent time trying to find a game/looking at the listings, and actually considering how to improve things should not be want for examples of what could be a filter option.
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