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Token-Mod issue ??

On my game (pro access), suddenly token mod seems to be working weirdly,  I can't even get the !token-mod --help working... in other games it works fine though....
API Scripter
Did you update AutoButtons? Roll20 pushed out a breaking change a couple of weeks ago that restricted javascript functionality autobuttons relied on. The result was that autobuttons -- and every script installed after it -- wouldn't work. That could explain why TokenMod works in one game and not in the other, if the installation order was different in one game vs the other. Oosh pushed out an updated version of autobuttons to address the change.
i don't have auto buttons. i even desinstalled tokenmod and reinstalled it, thus having it the last script in the installation order
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
If you want to PM me and invite and GM me, I can try and diagnose the issue. 
actually token mod reacts (except for the help that doesn't show in chat) when i for example reduce size of a token etc...