A secretive organization called the Golden Vault seeks operatives to perpetrate dangerous heists. Adventurers can also complete the heists without the Golden Vault as their patron. These missions require careful planning and flawless execution, and the rewards are well worth the risk. Keys from the Golden Vault is a collection of 13 short, standalone Dungeons & Dragons® adventures designed for characters of levels 1–11. These adventures can be placed in any setting, and you can run them as one-shot game sessions or link them together into a campaign. This book also includes in-world maps to help players plan their heists. Play with Less Prep! In this Roll20 conversion of *Keys from the Golden Vault*, you'll find everything from the book and more! * The full adventure laid out in a Roll20 Module, including all text, all adventure maps with pre-placed tokens, GM layer information, and Dynamic Lighting support ( requires plus / pro subscription ) * All statblocks accessible in your Compendium, with in-app drag and drop! * All random tables created as Rollable Tables and Macros! * An Art Pack full of tokens and handouts featuring the beautiful art of *Dungeons & Dragons!* Play Your Way Keys from the Golden Vault on Roll20 is presented in two formats: * The full experience in a standalone module that already includes all of the adventure content from _Keys from the Golden Vault_ to start your campaign fresh! * Each individual adventure in 13 separate addons which can be added to your existing Roll20 campaigns! Bug Reports If you are experiencing any other issues, please let us know on the Help Center Want to get more Dungeons and Dragons? Check out the new DMsGuild integration for Roll20 !