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(LFP) The Pack- a DnD 5e Eberron Campaign of Moon, Blood, Claw and Fang (New Campaign)(LGBTQIA+ friendly)(Wednesday 8pm EST)


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The Silver Purge is 100 years in Eberron's past, but that does not mean its legacy does not remain. The Eldeen Reaches has been the Packs home since that time, and although the Chosen of the Moon have survived and fed well off of the hunt, there have been portents and signs that a shining darkness will enter the deep woods and root out the beast. Will you protect your pack? Or be it's destroyer? With wild will the future will be written. In this unique take on a DND 5E campaign, the players will take on the role of werewolf pack members. With all the benefits  and challenges that presents.  Be prepared to think and act as a hunter in a world of sheep. Sessions will be between 2 1/2 and 3 hours. I have a proven track record of getting ALOT of gaming done in a shorter timeframe, so get ready for a wild, rad TV show like pace and story.  Lets chat games and get something going. I can also run a wide variety of games, as long as they are not hard sci-fi.  Discord- GMRayNagle#4235                                                 This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $20/session through Paypal or CashApp. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
Ray's a professional through and through. An open and friendly person that delivers a game equal to that description and more. Has made my time exploring Roll20 through gaming all the better. Just wanted to add that here- and that it's well worth joining him for one of his games!
Thanks so much for the kind words sir! it's been a blast seeing the sorts of adventures Dr. Tinman has gotten up to. 
Ray is a great GM! Sign up for him now! Creative and attentive to the players and how they like to play. Also a great blend of instructional and 'rolling with it' when the situation calls for it. My group has been playing with him for 6 months and won't be looking anywhere else!
Very appreciated! It's great to hear it when a player is enjoying a game.
You read this post because you’ve decided you want to professional gamemaster. Perhaps its your first time and you, or others in your group, are questioning why you would want a professional over that guy who always runs adventures for you?   This was certainly how I felt and then, after a couple of rough starts, I found someone who represented themselves as a PROFESSIONAL who was actually PROFESSIONAL.   What I love about GM Ray.   GREAT ADVENTURES You get to have EXCITING EPISODIC adventures! Think back to the television shows you loved. Star Trek? Hercules (& Xena)? Firefly? Breaking Bad? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Remember how the plot kept rolling on?   How many episodes were the characters given a series of poorly described clues and then forced to spend an hour asking the same questions over and over until they did the ONE THING they were supposed to do to solve the puzzle? NEVER, RIGHT?   GM Ray wants you to star in your own episodic show. I’ve yet to encounter an impenetrable forcefield, obtuse puzzle, or other situation where the players just want to move on but are not allowed to. He’s a big believer that using a resource should provide some sort of return. Do you want to cast DETECT THOUGHTS on an incorporeal undead?   Well that’s weird and he wasn’t expecting that but the undead will have something to contribute because, to paraphrase Ray, “It’s not very fun to keep doing things and getting nothing in return.”   MONSTERS HAVE MINDS Did the local prefect refuse to cooperate and just send 75 goblins to attack you? Are 65 of them now dead? How many adventures have you been in where the only option is to slaughter them all and then if you fail your intimidate roll the prefect still acts like you are beneath him?   In a GM Ray adventure watching 65 of your lackies get murdered in 4 rounds of combat has an impact on the remaining NPCs in the encounter. They’ll surrender if you let them. That prefect is a lot more cooperative.   You can have solutions to all things beyond “murder them” and / or “make your roll”.   ROLES NOT ROLLS If you, like me, sometimes things get a little too crunchy and too much time is spent rolling survival on random encounter tables and not enough time is spent in meaningful play have no fears. Ray is fine hand waving stuff if the group is because …   HE IS A PROFESSIONAL Is there something you don’t like doing? Something you love doing? What do you always wish you could have done? Let him know. He has dials and levers in his brain you can manipulate so each sessions focuses more and more on the things the group finds value in for their hobby dollar.   You’re not playing HIS adventure. He is running YOUR adventure.
Wow sir! Thank you so much for this review. I am absolutely stealing your line- "You're not playing HIS adventure. He is running YOUR adventure."  It is VERY important to me that my players are steering the story, and that they get great value for their hobby time and hobby dollar.
I’ve been playing an  Eberron-focused game run by Ray for close to a year now and it’s been a blast! Our group has a combination of new and intermediate-level players and Ray has proven great to work with no matter your experience level. Our group also has time limitations so we generally only play for two-ish hours a week and it’s impressive how much action and fun Ray can fit into such short sessions. He is also great at coming up with clever ideas to flesh out a character’s backstory if that’s something you struggle with. Sign up with Ray and you won’t regret it!
If you've read all the other posts, you already know that Ray is a great DM and runs an amazing game, set up and done the way you players want it.  So I will just add that the best part of playing one of Ray's games is the joy and fun you get: from the overall experience, from the way he pulls things out of players that you didn't know were there, and especially from the inadvertent suggestion someone makes that get his creative thoughts going and 5 minutes later he has everyone in your group hooting in delight.  Games are supposed to be joyous and fun, and with Ray, they are.
Ray is a great DM! He is easy going and very good at getting everyone involved and engaged in the game. He has lots of creative ideas but is happy to go with the flow and let the players take the lead. I especially appreciated the effort he put into helping my party create characters with differing skills so that everyone would have a chance to shine. You will have a lot of fun with Ray!
Thanks so much everybody! I love that you are all enjoying our games so much.  Roleplaying is my favorite hobby, and I've spent alot of time and energy figuring out ways to get the most "bang for my buck". Life gets real busy real fast, so with limited gaming time I work hard to make sure it is action packed and engaging.
As I see there's a bunch of people who have checked out this thread, I am putting together a Thursday evening (sometime between 8pm-1am EST) table of something (what's your dream game?) and my Friday night game is looking for a few more players. Hit me up!
Is this thing on? Bueller?
GM Ray is a phenomenal storyteller, game master, human, the list goes on! Having never played a roll playing game like D&D, I was uncertain how it would go, but after one session with Ray, I knew we had made the right choice to seek a PROFESSIONAL for our gaming experience. He helped us decide the types of characters we wanted to play, the type of adventure we were looking for, and has kept each campaign exciting. I leave each session wishing there was more time because I'm having so much fun. Ray is the reason for that. Ray is personable, funny and engaging, easily able to put everyone at ease, regardless of their demeanor. We keep him on his toes in terms of what our party does too. He not only rolls with it, he adds to it so the narrative of the story continues down whatever weird path we've taken. He's not only our guide in the game, but as players too! He anticipates intent, letting us know if the outcome we want is possible, and this really saves time when you're a level 15 cleric with hoards of spells to sift through.  It's obvious Ray loves what he does, and that's one of the reasons he's so good at it. He's been playing these games for decades, and sharing them with new players like me, or challenging seasoned players in novel ways gets him excited as a GM. And in turn, it makes it so much more fun as a player.