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[Lighting] DnD 5e Darkvision

So as best I understand things, the optimal way for dynamic lighting to work with how I understand 5e darkvision is for there to be an additive effect to lighting at a particular range. In other words, when two dim light sources cross, they would become bright. That would allow me to put a 60' dim light on a token and then, when they came in range of another dim light source, they would see it as bright light. Is there already a way to do this that I am missing?
Unfortunately not, the lighting system is not that complex. Even with the API the best you could do is boost the token's dim light to bright light when it came in contact with a dim light (essentially, when the token enters within 60 feet of dim light, change the token's light to bright). What you're talking about is a bit too "video-gamey" for the dynamic lighting system (heck, even graphical games sometimes have trouble combining light sources, most just overwrite the map's general light map). Maybe someone else has an idea I haven't thought of but I don't think it is currently possible.
I understand that this is difficult, its just that as I read the rules, this is what is required to make the effect accurate. I think a more realistic request would be for tinting of light. that way, it would be easier to judge where the lights intersect and then as the Dm I could make a call about what they can see. If, I am reading the rules incorrectly, or if there is another solution, I would love to hear it.
Can you have the fog of war just apply to specific players, instead of all of them? That 'layered' approach and the drawing tool would be sufficient I think.
Personally, i would rather not use Fog of War. Just a preference on my end
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Ken M. said: when two dim light sources cross, they would become bright. This sounds like the behavior of Auras, which you can put on tokens. It's on the Token settings, and you want to be sure to click Advanced and make the auras visible to whoever you want to see it. I'm not sure how auras play alongside dynamic light. Auras are different. They don't light up the place, but they show in the lit areas. The reason it sounded similar to what you asked is, the Aura is a TINTED radius, and when 2 auras overlap there is indeed an additive color effect.
An aura would certainly help mark where a player's darkvision intersected with a dim light source. I am concerned that an aura would just get annoying, Although a tinted light source would be much the same. It looks like the only time it is a huge issue mechanically is when the character needs to make a perception check that involves sight. So, i was just typing another sentence and I realized a solution. I a situation where it is difficult to determine whether or not a character needs to roll a perception check at disadvantage( i.e. only able to see due to darkvision) I can simply turn off their personal light and then hit ctr+L. that way it will be easy to tell what is lit by another source.
Hopefully they'll add tinted light sources in the future so if not necessarily the player's token's light is tinted but a soft yellow glow of campfire or the glowing red tint of magma for the environment lights would make it less "annoying" as a player tinted light. At that point you'd be able to see where the white light and tinted light meet... maybe. ;-)
Yes, I would like to see tinted lighting. I think that is the most practical solution