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Enchanced Char Sheet syntax


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Josho H.
Sheet Author
I'm trying to get this jQuery feature to execute class applications.  There is no change in the CSS to get the menu to appear/disappear. The function does not even run the console command. The goal is to make a menu appear when the player wants to perform a combo attack but right now nothing appears. I've looked at previous examples posted in feature/developments but can't figure out what I'm missing. Script $20('.combopop .combomenu .SEM').on('click', (event) => {     // const selector = `#${}`;     $20('.combopop').removeClass('activeComboMenu');     console.log("running...") }); HTML  <div class="combopop ">         <div class="combomenu">             <button type="action" name="act_combomenu" class="SEM">Link</button><br>         </div>     </div> CSS .combopop {   position: fixed;   display: none;   z-index: 15; } .activeComboMenu {   display: block; } .combomenu {   display: block;   } If this is the incorrect place to put this message, please redirect me, thx

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Scott C.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Compendium Curator
While that looks right, I would highly recommend using the regular on listener to listen for the click. There are a few reasons for this: The jquery listener frequently does not reset correctly in the development environment when you upload new code (this is likely your issue if you are using the sandbox) The jquery listener does not work with chat commands, and may  not work with keyboard entry. Relying on the nonstandard click listener can screw with accessibility programs. Instead, I would recommend using this listener: on('clicked:combomenu',()=>{ // const selector = `#${}`; $20('.combopop').removeClass('activeComboMenu'); console.log("running...") }); I would also point out that your css for the active and inactive is currently the same, so you won't see any change right now. For future questions, I recommend posting in the character sheets/compendium sub forum and posting code using the code formatting of the forums.