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[LFP][ONLINE][PAID $10][ADULT] Curse of Strahd 7pm EASTERN (Days TBD)


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This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 per player and session, payable via Paypal or Zell. &nbsp;Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Your caravan travels across the cold mountain passes, the bitter weather and war have forced you to take the more dangerous road.&nbsp; Low on food and fuel you are barely half-way across the mountains when you run into another caravan.&nbsp; In exchange for the stories you have to tell—and for two of your pack horses—they have agreed to let you travel with them, and share their supplies.&nbsp; You meet their leader a positively ancient Elder named Madame Eva as you all gather she begins to read your fortune. . . Game Link: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> My Discord: TobyFox2002#1527 Campaign: Curse of Strahd Campaign Details: You find yourself newly arrived in the becalmed Planescape of the Domains of Dread in the Domain of Barovia.&nbsp; A land beset with horrors, enemies from without and within.&nbsp; The greatest of these is... well... You’ll have to see. Campaign Variation: This game was originally designed for AD&amp;D, then updated for 5 th Edition of the Worlds’ most popular game.&nbsp; I Shall be running this game in PATHFINDER 1e.&nbsp; All normal lore rule for the Domains of Dread applies.&nbsp; Including details from the original Domain Gazetteers.&nbsp; I may even permit content from the original books (Van Richtan’s Arsenal etc).&nbsp; This game will begin with Curse of Strahd, book 1.&nbsp; However, I am fully willing to allow the players to go off the beaten track and forge their own path after Book 1 has been completed. Pay Game?: &nbsp; Yes, this is a pay game.&nbsp; A fee of $10 per session is required.&nbsp; Payment will be accepted via Paypal, Zelle or Ko-fi.&nbsp; Due to payment issues in the past, I require payment in 1 month blocks. TTRPG Platform: Pathfinder 1e/roll20 voice and Twitch. Age Req.: 18+ Mature Content: Ravenoft is about as grimdark as d20 gets.&nbsp; Blood, Violence, Dark Horror Themes, Swears and the occasional Sexually Explicit Content (Rated R) will be present. Game Requirements: Decent internet.&nbsp; A microphone of respectable quality and noise cancelation and respect for your fellow players and GM. Date/Time: 7pm Eastern Time THURSDAY &nbsp; Each game with last between 3-4 hours. Homebrew/3pp Content: Provisionally. &nbsp;I will review all homebrew or 3pp content.&nbsp; And make a balance rp-fit determination on a case-by-case basis. Character level: 4 th level.&nbsp; I will be starting characters slightly higher than is normal for this Adventure Path. Stats/Character Gen: PB 20 (High Fantasy).&nbsp; All Paizo material permitted.&nbsp; Background Skills in effect, Elephant in the Room Rules apply.&nbsp; 2 Traits/Up to 2 flaws (one buys an extra trait, or two flaws by an extra feat).&nbsp; No two traits from the same Category. Length of Campaign:&nbsp; Unknown.&nbsp; Book by Book. Run Time: 3-4 hours. Open Slots: 5. **Additional Details** I run my games as immersive as I am able.&nbsp; Sound, Fog of War, Dynamic Lighting.&nbsp; I also use FACING rules to help add an element of realism.&nbsp; I am a RP heavy GM, favoring it over combat.&nbsp; I not only encourage roleplay but insist in its use.&nbsp; The more invested you become in your own character’s backstory and roleplay, the greater effort I place on working your character DIRECTLY into the narrative.&nbsp; Be it an Adventure Path or a Sandbox. MY GM STYLE I am a Role Play Heavy GM.&nbsp; I am 70% roleplay 30% combat. I believe in using the rules as intended/written as a GUIDE.&nbsp; But more important than those is the rule of FUN.&nbsp; If fun is not being had with a particular rule.&nbsp; I will likely ignore it; situationally or permanently. Adaptive RP inclusivity.&nbsp; I have played with all kinds of roleplayers from very passive, reactive players, proactive players that like to plan for all contingencies and players that all but demand by their force of personality—to take center stage.&nbsp; The more you participate, the more I will include you in the story. &nbsp; Game Disclaimer: I will be streaming the game on twitch.&nbsp; I don’t generally have active viewers, but I really don’t care :P &nbsp; This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 per player and session, payable via Paypal or Zell. &nbsp;Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
I might be interested if we get enough people for it. No, I'm not planning on bringing "HER" again unless you really want me to.
Cool, I look forward to seeing you Ankyr!&nbsp; We still need more players tho'.&nbsp; If you know anyone that might be interested in the game have them reach out to me on roll20 or through Discord at&nbsp;TobyFox2002#1527.&nbsp; Just let make sure they are aware that its going to be a Pathfinder game (despite running Curse of Strahd). I'd also be willing to run a more sandboxy Ravenloft game using the old lore..