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Looking for map maker/Campaign designer.

Greeting! I am BDBGaming, haven't had too much experience with D&D, but I have played and studied rules and I think it's pretty fun! Unfortunately, I can't always be editing, as life tends to throw a lot at me randomly. So I have took to the forums. I will post a recruitment topic in the game. It's a huge work in progress, but isn't everything? I can design characters and tokens, and bosses and enemies and all that, and I can give a basic idea for a campaign, as i have never Gm'd before. Anyway, i will check back in a bit. Thank you in advance! Hope to see you, -BDBGaming
I regrettably do not have much skill when it comes to constructing maps, however, I have some experience creating campaigns.  I first need to know what sort of system you are running with.  I regret I cannot work with 5th edition D&D or 2nd Edition Pathfinder.  However, if you are needing to hire someone for Pathfinder 1e, oWoD (Revised/20th Anniversary) (Mage, Werewolf, Changeling or "zoo" games), Dark Heresy 1e.  And have enough lore knowledge to build games set in Faerun, Eberron, Ravenloft (Mostly Barovia, but I can build games that take place in other domains) and even Dragonlance (Autumn Twilight).  I've even run/created games using set in Equestria (MLP). Feel free to reach out to me for designing campaigns, co-gming or playing npcs.  My discord is TobyFox2002#1527.
Im sorry, that was the game i would do, but i will let you know in the near future!