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Only 1 Seat Left! [LFP] The Enemy Within - Perhaps the Greatest TTRPG Campaign of All Time [Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4E] [Paid] [Epic] [Campaign] [Weekly] [Sundays] [Beginner-Friendly] [LGBTQ+ Friendly]

“And at the appointed time we shall rise from our secret places and throw down the towns and cities of the Empire. Our brethren shall pour forth from the forests to slay and burn. Chaos will cover the land and we, the chosen servants, shall be exalted in His eyes. Hail to Tzeench, Changer of the Ways – Njawrr’thakh ‘Lzimbarr Tzeentch!” &nbsp;- Excerpt from The Book of Transmutation The Empire. &nbsp;Perhaps the greatest nation of the Old World, it has stood for two and a half millennia as a bulwark against the threat of Chaos. Down the ages – from the time of legend when Sigmar Heldenhammer ruled, to the peaceful days it now enjoys – the Empire has endured. Within its borders, the Emperor’s armies keep the peace. The Empire stands firm against the enemy without. But what of The Enemy Within? Welcome to the revised and updated Director’s Cut of one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written, the epic&nbsp; Enemy Within campaign , that inspired a generation of gamers. Gather your heroes as you take them from humble beginnings as penniless adventurers to the halls of the great and powerful, where every decision can change the fate of the Empire. The Enemy Within is the campaign all roleplayers should play at least once in their lives! Weekly Gameplay, Sundays 11 AM PDT / 2 PM EDT / 6 PM GMT / 7 PM CET, 4h Sessions, Beginner Friendly, LGBTQ+ Friendly, GM with nearly 4 Decades of Roleplaying and Gamemastering Experience, Price: $15 per Session and Player for 4-5 Players ($15 p.P. for a group of 4-5, $20 for a group of 3, $25 p.P. for a group of 2), payable through StartPlaying, free Session Zero for all Questions &amp; Answers. Roll20 LFG Listing Link:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $15 per player and session, payable via StartPlaying. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
The campaign starts tomorrow, but we have still one seat open, and even two ready made characters left over. Anyone who feels adventurous can jump right in until shortly before the game starts! ;) (If you contact me between 8 and 3 hours before the game starts, you can also still make your own character, of course.)