A happy week to you all! This week we have a few character sheet u p dates for folks across Vampire The Masquerade, Zweihander, and Pathfinder Second Edition. March 13, 2023 Updates made to the official Pathfinder 2e character sheet: Added a CON modifier field in Health settings section Spell MAP buttons and affected rolls have been fixed and re-added to the sheet Fixed a bug on the official Vampire the Masquerade character sheet related to drag & drop where Disciplines were not be handled properly Added Ineffective Option for weapon damage to the official Zweihander character sheet. When Ineffective is selected, the weapon has 0 damage from abilities or fury dice. If you select an ability to be your damage again, the fury dice value you had before will repopulate March 17, 2023 Update made to the official Vampire the Masquerade Character sheet to fix styling for rolls with pools of greater than 13 dice. Please  c heck the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.