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New User Help with Text on Menu Headers

Hello.  I'm a new user, I played an intro module several years back and my group is interested in playing again.  I have a question about the text (letters) pointed at in this screenshot.  In short, why do they seem to be nonsensical upper and lower case letters in all of the indicated spaces.  I'm not sure if this is something my browser messed up, if it's working as intended, etc. I do have adblock turned off. But, to my eye, it seems like these letters don't indicate text shortcuts or stand for anything that I can tell, they just look like a random assortment of letters, like why is jukebox "u?"  Thanks for any help.
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The font used for those characters is not coming through for some reason. Try deleting cache and cookies. Also see if the issue goes away if you load under a private browsing window. If you are using a VPN or anti-spam software, that is also a possible culprit.
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Also, try reloading the browser. Sometimes, for whatever reason, they do not load properly when you load the game. 
Specifically the font being used is the ‘ Pictos ’ font. You can see what symbols are supposed to be displayed in that thread that I’ve linked. Also confirm that you are using Chrome or Firefox, as other browsers may not be supported. 
Thanks so much all! I went into the Firefox settings and allowed websites to choose their own fonts and that cleared it up!