Hello one and all! Have some release notes for you! Also, because I am feeling extra caring (also because this picture is so adorable) I figure I'll make the easter egg picture a bit easier to find :) Everything fits in a square On to the release notes! March 20, 2023 Update made to official Zweihander character sheet to add an 'Other Damage Modifiers' field to add flat integers to damage (as with adaptable weapons) March 23, 2023 Improved support for publisher-defined styling on the Compendium Resolved an issue where language selection on the account page was not activating until the second page load after saving the language change. Browser-provided language preferences are now transferred & saved during new account creation, so long as the preferred language is one of our supported translation languages. Resolved missing translation key entries throughout the site Please  c heck the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.