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Question on Getting Tokens Smaller than 1 5x5 Square to Snap to Center

Nick O.
Forum Champion
 I'm creating a token for a Small creature. Initially, I resized the token and held down Alt so I could place it in the center of a 5x5 square. However, when the token gets moved to a new square, it snaps to a corner, rather than going to the center of the new square.  My workaround was to create a new token that had the smaller image, with a transparent background so it was still 70 pixels by 70 pixels. That worked, the token looks like it's snapping to the center of a square, but when I press Shift Z, there is no zoom on the selected token; it's the same size as the token on the battlefield.  Any thoughts or suggestions on the best way to handle this would be appreciated. :)
I've run into this myself. I create a second, larger image (without the transparent border) and place it outside the map. That's the one that I Shift-Z when I want to show it to the players.
David M.
API Scripter
Using a padded image is the usual solution for centering smaller tokens. Pretty sure if you increase the resolution of your uploaded image (to say, 280x280 or larger) shift-Z would appear to "zoom" it.

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Forum Champion
Marketplace Creator
API Scripter
Hey Nick! Typically, Roll20 tokens are produced at something like 280x280. Producing it at 70x70 would result in an image that had nothing to zoom in on. It's already at "standard" Roll20 resolution. Follow the procedure you describe above, but make the smaller token sit inside a 280x280 space. The smaller token could be something like 200px across in that space, whatever looks right to you.
Nick O.
Forum Champion
Thanks, everyone! I created a new token at 280x280 with the transparent background, shrank it down, and it looks great when Shift-Z'd. 
I think this will help you <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>