Hello everyone! This week we have a number of bug fixes and improvements incl u ding the ability to transfer macros with the  Transmogrifier ! Overall, I hope these help just make your experience using and navigating the VTT just a bit more enjoyable :) March 27, 2023 Resolved an issue where lights would sometimes turn off when tokens were moved while in explorer mode. Now you can explore with confidence. A number of form fields, dialogs and chat functions have been updated so they conform to Dark Mode or the text color stops conforming to Dark Mode when it's disabled. This should help with readability of those forms, dialogs and chat functions substantially. Fixed an issue where doors and windows did not resize properly when dragging a handle while it was selected.  Fixed an issue where the cursor would not stay aligned to the point where it was clicked while panning around the map. No more side adventures for the cursor. Fixed an issue where the cursor would not change when you were hovering over a resize handle for tokens. Now it changes so you know when you can grab that handle and resize as you like. Fixed an issue that would create a near unlimited number of tokens when you pressed Cmd + V. No more unintentional hordes of undead. Added Macros to the Transmogrifier. Now you can move those into other games as you wish.  Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.