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Savage Worlds: Lurker

I'm looking to lurk on a Savage Worlds game of any sort. Just want a chance to see SW in action before changing my group over to it. Will sit in on any game and quietly watch without being a bother.  Or, if some experienced SW GM wants to run a one shot, I'd play. 
I am also looking to join a Savage Worlds game. I know the rules well, but I don't feel prepared to GM on Roll20 just yet, as I'm not all that comfortable GMing in real life. I would be willing to work my way up to being a rotating GM if we can establish a group though. I'm down with trying most of the fantasy and sci fi settings but not stuff like weird wars.
Bump? No Savage Worlds on Roll20?
Here is a thread   opened by Chris F. (Savage Mommy of Rocky Mountain Savages  ) Looking for a group.  Working on getting the feel of the Roll20 VTT application is the only real lag.