In the future far beyond our reach, humanity expanded its reach to many planets. Our wildest imagination cannot fathom what wonders were discovered or what dangers were fought off. But be it as it is, humans are resilient and through countless wars, diplomatic exchanges and ban of thinking machines, flourished and developed great civilization. And with technology shifting towards exploration of psyche and personal abilities, come on scene few schools of thought. Bene Gesserit with the idea that human genes are of importance and that there will be a savior that will see what they themselves are unable to. Never in front, always behind or on side. Suggesting, following their teachings, breeding, mixing and teaching future generations. Are you human? Or just a beast? Only you can answer that, but we can help you find that answer. Mentats that use their brains for computing, deducing and looking at things from a higher place. They are human computers able to think without the influence of emotions, at least most of them are. And yes I could mention others as well, be it Tleilaxu, or Ix, but know this my dear reader. Not everything is as clear as it looks at first glance. But since we are talking about importance, we are not to forget Guild, or Space guild as it is their full name. Since they have complete monopoly over space travels and no one is able to break it. And with all of this, we are slowly getting to times where young Shaddam IV, still just a prince at this time, schemes to poison his own father to ascend to the throne as the next Padishah Emperor. Was it his plan that ended Elrood IX? No one will ever know. But keep in mind dear reader of mine. That Elrood IX is not with us anymore. We write the year 10156 A.G. as one that Shaddam IV sat on the throne for the first time.  And it will be this monumental year that we will explore. Thank you for reading this far. I hope that slight introduction did not burn your brains out, but we are indeed in times of Emperors, Lords, schemes and what is known as the War of Assassins. With the release of Dune: Adventures in the Imperium we were given the option to explore this wonderful universe by ourselves.  Would you fancy some food? Or drink? But beware. Do not forget to check for Chaumas or Chaumurky, you never know when a hidden blade slits your throat, but poison kills without mercy. Dune: AitI let us explore your own lives as part of the house, what house do you ask? Well that is for us to find out, after all what am I to tell you what direction you want to go with.(Of course I will limit you in way that you cannot pick Major or Great house, for story purposes) And your role in said house? Once again, do you want to be Heir? Concubine to said heir? Mentat? Or maybe a Spy or Master Assassin?  You will have full creative control over your house(Except for Ruler and his wife) and I will gladly take you on a rollercoaster full of intrigue, politics, hidden dangers and maybe, just maybe even war. Or maybe you would like to explore world of Arrakis as one of Fremen, develop your Sietch? Watch out for outsiders and maybe, just maybe finish long lost mission given to you by your ancestors? Shaddam IV just settled on the throne and there are many stories happening in his domain. Harkonnens are still in control of Arrakis, spice must flow, after all. So if you read all the way here, I will welcome you on this run. It might be short, or long, all depending on how well you grab your place in the universe. I am looking for up to 10 players for this story, I am not requiring you to know the rules. As I will be teaching you those during session zero as we create house and characters. What I am not looking for: People that are interested in conflicts between players, that want to discuss real politics in game, that have nothing to do with it. And most of all I am not looking for dice rollers. This is not a game about rolling dice, this is a game about interactions, roleplaying and finesse.  You have to be at least an adult, since some themes are not suitable for younglings.  This game is FREE, I will never ask for money as this is something I enjoy doing. If you want to pay me back, then do it in game by having fun and enjoying the show and story around it. As for day and hour we will be playing? After some initial info from other players it was deemed that Saturday 11:00 AM GMT+2(Middle european time) will be the time of game. If you are interested please reply with bit about yourself, your discord(Or if you want, send me your discord in PM, I can understand that you want to keep it hidden). I will not be asking about character concepts from you, at least not yet. But please add your familiarity with the DUNE universe(It is fine to join even if you know nothing, I will take you through a crash course on it).