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Character Name linked with Dice Macro

Hey all How do I get this: &{template:default} {{name= The GM's}} {{1d20 result is= [[1d20+?{Modifier|}]]}} To display the name of the character/token who is rolling the dice?

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Sheet Author
One of the following should work for the name section: {{name=@{selected|character_name}'s}} {{name=@{selected|token_name}'s}} If you don't always have your tokens linked to a character sheet, then you would want the second.  The first will only work if the token represents a character.
Thank you for this. It looks like both will only work if I click a token. 
yes.  you could also do {{name=@{target|token_name}'s}} or {{name=?{Name_Prompt|The GM}'s}}
Sheet Author
Mark said: Thank you for this. It looks like both will only work if I click a token.  Yeah, if you are wanting the macro to pull in the name, it needs a way to do so.  A selected token is the easiest way to go about that.  Otherwise, you are probably going to need to use Dalton's second suggestion and simply type in the name each time.  You could set up a macro with a query for a specific set of names, but once you set query options you can only use the options you have built in, so typing in anything else is not possible.
Yup, it's all good now. Thanks all for the help. I just went pro and I'm enjoying the benefits.