Happy Friday everyone :) We have quite a few things to go over, but  b efore we do I'd like to make sure I point folks to our most recent community stream the Roll20 ReRoll you can find more information right on over here:  Forum Announcement You can also catch the  VOD as well over on YouTube . April 17, 2023 Resolved an issue with hex grids where hex tokens didn't fill the entire hex when placed from the art library or journal. Fixed a bug where the middle mouse does not pan when making a polygon. Added PDFs to the Transmogrifier. Pathfinder 2 Character sheet updates: Added indication for when your strength is less than your armor’s threshold Fixed a bug causing items with actions to incorrectly set their linked action’s roll values on drop Cyberpunk RED Character sheet update: Combined Motorpools into the Vehicles section for easier management April 19, 2023 Fixed a bug where tokens would stretch when placing them on the hex grid. You can now snap your stretched tokens back to the right ratio. Fixed a bug where a lot of text was showing up in the chat log when you start a new tutorial game. April 20, 2023 Integrated Voice & Video Added the ability to move player frames individually.  You can drag player frames by their handle in the top right, and return them to the full list by dragging them back or by using the "Reset Positions" function in the settings menu. Card Decks in hand will appropriately move to the bottom of the frame if there is no room above the frame, or if player avatar location is set to "Top." Note: If the avatars are set too high, the in-hand view is still cut off at the top of the screen.  This issue will be resolved in an update in the very near future. When Video is muted or not set to broadcast, the players' avatar will be replaced with their "Speaking As" choice if that character sheet has an associated avatar. Added additional status icons for when a players' video is muted. Other player's videos are no longer mirrored. Added an option to toggle whether your own video is mirrored for yourself. Resolved Styling issue in dark mode when highlighting autocompleted marketplace search results. Resolved an issue where handouts could not be dragged to individual players over their in-game avatar if "Video Tech" was set to "Legacy Roll20 WebRTC" or "None." Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.