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Reveal Tool Bug Remains


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So when I have a page set to classic fog of war, when I attempt to reveal more area to my players, the tool flips into or remains in obscure mode. This forces me to set the tool back into reveal mode a second time to get it to do what I want. A brief search of old entries in the Bug Forum shows this was reported more than a year ago and it still remains. Any ETA on when it will be fixed?
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Hi Mr. Farlops! That thread shows some reports in the forum, but no indication that a ticket was ever opened.  Roll20 has long grown past the stage where the team can monitor the forums with any kind of efficiency, and several years ago the forums mostly transitioned to community support.  The best way to get a bug in front of the dev team is to file a  Help Center Request . That will create a ticket for investigation and hopefully a remedy. (I know the forum name says "Bug Reports & Technical Issues", Some of us have lobbied to have it changed.)

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Understood. I'll file it in the correct channels. But perhaps this forum should be retired and archived to prevent further confusion?
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I'd agree, but there is huge value in its use as community support, and the devs do their best to monitor any influx of new reports on an issue. It definitely serves a purpose.
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I can confirm that I have also seen this bug. About once or twice a game session I have it set to reveal and it instead obscures. I just reset it away from reveal, back to reveal, and then it works correctly. 
Andrew R.
Sheet Author
I can reiterate that I have never had trouble with the Polygon Reveal tool. 

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Yes, when the reveal tool starts hiding again (and that happens every session a couple of times) the only thing that you can do is revert to polygon reveal.

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Andrew Searles
Roll20 Team
Hey Mr. Farlops, Thanks for reporting this! We've been unable to get any steps to reproduce this bug but due to the number of people that can confirm it (I myself have experienced it as well) we know it's happening. The next time you experience the bug, can you try to record what you did that got you into that state? Same goes for anyone else that can as well. It would really help fix it if we can understand what is putting it in that state. Thanks again, Mr. Farlops!