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[Script] TableExport -- A script for exporting (and IMPORTING!) Rollable Tables between accounts.


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The Aaron
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API Scripter
Update v0.2.2 &nbsp;-- Fixed table name caching to respect deletes. (Thanks&nbsp; Ziechael !) Update v0.2.1 &nbsp;-- Added better escaping to support RecursiveTable. Update v0.2.0 &nbsp;-- Removed dependency on isGM. Update v.11 -- Removed direct use of HTML entities to prevent the substitution bug. This script sprang from this discussion: <a href="https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/1097725/exportin" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/forum/post/1097725/exportin</a>... TableExport lets you export a table from one account and import it on another. The way it does this is by sending a list of API commands to the chat which can be copied and executed on another campaign running the TableExport script to import the table there. Example : I have a table named Mood-Ring. I can export it like this: !export-table --ring which will output these commands: !import-table --Mood-Ring --show !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Black] Stressed --1 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Red] Fear --1 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Yellow] Nervous --1 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Green] Romance --2 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Blue] Normal --10 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Lapis] Relaxed --5 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Navy] Calm --3 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Purple] Cool --4 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Pink] Lovable --7 -- !import-table-item --Mood-Ring --[Orange] Passion --2 -- You can now copy and paste these commands into the chat of another campaign with this script to import this Rollable Table. If you run !export-table with no options, it will print full help: GIT: &nbsp; <a href="https://github.com/shdwjk/Roll20API/blob/master/Ta" rel="nofollow">https://github.com/shdwjk/Roll20API/blob/master/Ta</a>... Support my work on If you use my scripts, want to contribute, and have the spare bucks to do so , go right ahead. However, please don't feel like you must contribute just to use them! I'd much rather have happy Roll20 users armed with my scripts than people not using them out of some sense of shame. Use them and be happy, completely guilt-free! Disclaimer: This Patreon campaign is not affiliated with Roll20; as such, contributions are voluntary and Roll20 cannot provide support or refunds for contributions.