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Request: Two-Sided Tokens

Hello, Would this be the right place to reach out with Devs about getting to implement two sided tokens? The ability to right click and "Flip" the token would be amazing! This would mostly be used in cases like Wildshape or Changelings changing form. The hardest part of this would be making sure that if you flip the token, it doesn't remove you from initiative.  Would that be possible? Thanks so much!  Triggy
David M.
API Scripter
This can already be done? Except instead of a "flip" option, you right click -&gt; multi-sided -&gt; choose side <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> The token stays in the initiative order when you change the side.
I forget if Players can make them, but the DM for sure can make it for the Players.
Siz said: I forget if Players can make them, but the DM for sure can make it for the Players. Players are not able - at least AFAIK - to create Rollable tables. They CAN add a token to a character sheet, yes, but they are not able to link the bars or do anything else...
Correct, Players can't add new rollable tables but they can Roll or grab a Token from those the DM allow them to use.
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