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Player Turn Action Tracker/GM's players use action tracker

A way for players to keep track  of what they have done/not done yet. And for the GM to track this if they want. I know it's just 5 things. Action/reaction/bonus action/free action/move. But i have seen enough players, myself included, forget an available reaction or accidently double bonus action, or need to back track the turn to try and remember if they did use the bonus action already, and so on. Some GMs might  just want to keep track of this. I've heard plenty of polite GMs remind a player they have an unused option. A tracking tool for this could help lighten a little of the load for some. One a player could use would also display their status to the GM.  And for the GM they could choose to show the tracking tool for whatever players they wanted to on a player by player basis. Filling it in themselves for players not using it if they wanted to tack it. Something not too big, but large enough to also be a visible reminder, you do have a bonus action to use,  you have already used your reaction. It's a play aid like that. 5 icons to represent the 5 action options. That flip to show "used" or go from green to red, or whatever when clicked on. Resetting on manual button press or use of turn tracker/initiative tracker to notice your turn has come back round. Thanks for the consideration. P.S. At the IRL table i offer 5 poker chips each to the players. With with the action options printed on one side and "used" on the other. I notice it helps turns move a little more smoothly and those who use them seldom forget an option they could exercise.
I'd appreciate this, it could be a list or summary of what a Player can do, underneath their character in the Turn Tracker.
I'd love to see this as well. In the meantime, I've been experimenting with creating a "deck" and giving it to the players to use for this purpose, but something smaller that functions similar to death saves (ie: click to use, click again to clear) would be awesome
+1, I frequently have players try to use bonus actions or reactions twice. I think it should be sheet-based though, as 5E (for example) has ways to grant extra actions that players can consume (Action Surge) which ought to feed into the "how many of what do I have" analysis. And putting it on a sheet could allow it to link this to a token status bubble, which would make it easy for both player and DM to see what they currently have. That would likely require some extension to the status bubble to support multi-line text or some kind of resource-based pop-up for display/modification.
Going off of what Ken S. said, the Character Sheet for the Players on Roll20 have the section for Short Rests and Long Rests and abilities that reset upon said rests. The Turn Order tracker could refresh these if there were Bonus Action 1/1 and Reaction 1/1 on there as well, but it would still be a pain to personally have to amend your own sheet. I don't know how many use the Roll20 sheet, but people I play with typically use the D&D Beyond sheets. I really like the idea of the Token bubbles though, as those don't need you to go into some sheet to keep track of your stuff and can be easily overviewed right then and there.

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Another QoL that could be implemented in the meantime is to have the Turn tracker send a whisper to the Player whose turn it is, with a summary of the actions they can take on their turn. It'll clog up the chat and may be annoying though, so it should be something that any Player can opt out of. Getting a reminder of what is available to them could still be useful, especially for new players.
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