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Hp formula related to another Character sheet ??

Hi all,  Is it possible to enter a NPC_hpformula taht would be related to another character sheet.  For example, i'd like to have a npc that has (5 times the level of another pc) as HP.  i tried :  [[5*[[@{Karl Durst|base_level}]]]] and this gives me the right result when posted in chat, but doesn't work as a tokenmod macro such as :  !token-mod{{   --set     bar1_value| [[5*[[@{Karl Durst|base_level}]]]] }} nor would it work in  !token-mod{{   --set     bar1_value|[[@{selected|npc_hpformula}]] }} if i put  [[5*[[@{Karl Durst|base_level}]]]] in the npc's character sheet Is it possible in anyway ?? have i made a mistake in my macro ?
David M.
API Scripter
Your first option works for me if I add a space before the first double curly brackets. Must be the way token-mod parses the incoming msg. !token-mod {{   --set     bar1_value|[[5*[[@{Karl Durst|base_level}]]]] }}
Thanks ! that worked ! helpful as always