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Is there a limit to hyperlinks in handouts?


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I'm trying to create one handout  that will serve as the index to a lot of other handouts for my setting.  I know I've got the basic syntax of embedding hyperlinked documents right, because I have like 10 of them working correctly right now.  For the life of me, I can't get the very last document I want to include in the index to set up properly.  I've tried renaming the target handout, deleting and recreating it and even removing any text surrounding the hyperlink in the index document.  Can't seem to figure this out.   Has anyone else had similar problems?

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Some possibilities come to mind:  1) Does the handout have a multipart name? 2) Any special characters in the name? 3) Are there any other handouts or characters named the same? 4) What happens when you duplicate the handout and try to link to the duplicate?
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More on point 3: Be sure to check archived items in your journal tab for duplicates.
Sometimes when copy/pasting the link into a handout there may be a hidden character in the text. Something to look for.
Thanks for the replies guys.  Unfortunately none of this helped.  I've successfully gotten the page that was a problem yesterday to link, but that has apparently 'forced' another link to break that I hadn't even touched.  It's nuts.  I'm not going to keep wrestling with this.  It's just very frustrating when something simple like this breaks.  
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Could you send me an invite? I'd like to come take a look.
I can't suggest any other possible problems, but if there's a limit, it's a lot more than 10.  I have a handout with 22 links to other handouts, and I just tested them and they all work.
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If there is a limit, I haven't found it yet: I guess it depends on how the links are failing.  Does the link simply not work, or is it leading to the wrong journal item?  Do you have any format applied to any of the text in the link?  Bold, italics, etc. will cause a link to not work in my experience.  You might try selecting the text around the link, and then using the "wand" style menu to set the style to normal.  If you have copy/pasted in content from a pdf, I have had trouble with this if I didn't use "shift + control + V" to strip any existing format from the copied text.   Another thing you could try is to type the title of the problematic handout in a plain text editor.  Copy/paste that into the handout title field, and then to create your link of the second handout.  You will want to put the brackets in the text editor before copy/pasting for the link just to be sure there is no format applied to them.
Using the wand to remove formatting is an interesting idea that I haven't tried yet.  Good  suggestion.  
I got it.  Only spent like 4 hours trying to figure this out.  I think it was BOTH hidden characters in the handout title I was copying AND text formatting.   Thanks for the help guys.  I appreciate it.