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I'd love to see a partnership with Midjourney and Roll20


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I will disclaim this by saying I am not speaking of using Midjourney to create art assets for sale.  I realize that is, as the announcement says, a very complex situation.  While I have thoughts on that, I am more interested in Midjourney's best benefit to Roll20 - to GMs. Midjourney is a liberation for those running custom games, finally able to obtain character and location art that actually fits what the GM has imagined rather than having to source art from the public domain.  It opens entire new worlds for the platform and over the last year has entirely changed the presentation of campaigns I am involved with dramatically. I do realize the concerns about how Midjourney's model is trained, as with all AI art.  But if anything, I think this would cut down on many GMs merely finding images on Google / Pinterest with nebulous rights information and ultimately be an overall step in the right direction at the very minimum.  I would say the vast majority of GMs cannot afford to commission art for their games, but now they can offer unparalleled presentation that fits their vision. Why do I think a partnership would work?  Simple, direct integration into Roll20 would be a major positive for the user experience on Roll20, and also, I believe there is a ton of room for cross promotion here, both centered around creating worlds in their own way.  It would be great to see a new user simply come into Roll20 on an account [Perhaps as a Pro feature?] connected to Midjourney and ask the game to generate a token of their description on the spot, or create an battle map for them.  This would effect newer users than the more experienced GMs the most, but I think would be welcome by all end users. And more importantly I do think it'd be a good way to increase visibility of Roll20 in a new market.  So this is both a feature request, and something I would just like to see in general.  Also, while I think there is definitely a debate to be had with the marketplace and good reasons for the current policies there, AI art in general has changed the entire game when it comes to running campaigns on Roll20 as GMs in a way few ever thought possible and it would be nice to embrace that.
Once we have a robust system in place to compensate artists other than copyright, I'd be happy to back this idea.
Art isn't necessary, especially not custom art to meet a GM's unique specifications. Words suffice. That's why I didn't draw this response.
Marketplace Creator
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