Hello everyone and welcome to the wonderful month of May! This week we have a han d ful of bug fixes to share! Ranging from some improvements to hex grids to updates and fixes on Pathfinder 2e and Vampire the Masquerade. We also have some updates to voice and video to make things run a bit smoother and intuitive! May 8, 2023 VTT Bugs You can no longer save a name of an image that is blank. This was causing a lot of problems. Fixed a few keyboard shortcuts that were not working on a Mac (Cmd + Shift + O/K/M). Updated keyboard shortcuts that were used by the browser to prioritize functionality on the VTT instead. Specifically Crtl + S/O etc. Fixed an issue where you couldn't switch from draw to text tools with a keyboard shortcut. Fixed another issue with weird text in the tutorial game. Fixed an issue where tokens were squished on hex grids. Important to note that if a token is dropped on the map layer, it will still squish. This is because the dimensions of elements on the map layer need to be different those on the token layer to make sure expected images align properly. May 11, 2023 Pathfinder 2e Character Sheet Bug Fixes: Fixed a bug that caused skills to lose newly added custom ability values when first jumping to custom Fixed a bug causing conditions that penalize AC to double penalty for Shield AC when a shield is equipped Added an optional toggle to hide the spells tab, for PCs who do not use spells Updated the Speed section to allow for complex modifiers. Armor penalties now apply to a player character speed's item penalty automatically when higher than the penalty's custom value. Updated the Vampire the Masquerade Character sheet to fix an issue where whisper rolls were not working correctly Integrated Voice & Video Minor optimizations to video resolution to reduce bandwidth requirements. Player Frames now wrap correctly when the number of players exceeds the available space. When Player Frames are set to "Names Only," there is now a button to join the Voice & Video channel. Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.