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Tokens with attributes

I frequently find myself having to decide what to do when a token carries information that is different from the character it represents This is especially  the case with monsters I am running as the DM, such as when i want one monster to have a bonus to attack roles. Although there are some workarounds, such as making a separate character for monsters with bonuses or hiding information in the  token's bars, it would be really nice to have some attributes on tokens. In a perfect world, a token would have all the attributes of a character it represents. If a particular attribute on the token is empty, references to those attributes would default to the character's attribute value for that attribute. However, if that is too difficult, even having a dozen more fields on a token that could be easily referenced by macros and mods would be very helpful.
There's an existing request suggesting "more bubbles" for tokens.&nbsp; It might be better to merge this with that: e.g., "more fields, which can also override sheet settings, optionally with display bubbles" rather than doing this as a separate request. Although "more bubbles" hasn't drummed up a lot of interest so far: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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