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Cards Question: how do recall a "removed" card?


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Sheet Author
Seems odd, but I placed a card on the table and used the context menu to choose "Remove Card".&nbsp; If I use the deck options to "Recall All", removed cards are not added back to the deck... ;-( Tried removing(hide/show) the deck and reloading the game.&nbsp; I can see my original deck still has the correct amount of cards and I can even edit any removed cards, but I cannot seem to "summon" those cards back to the deck.&nbsp; I'm sure I'm just overlooking something.&nbsp; Any help?&nbsp; Thanks couple similar posts: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Forum Champion
Hover over the deck, click on removed, drag them back into play. Now recall. Note: you will need to have removed pile enabled. You can send things into the removed pile even when it is disabled. Edit: as a note, I don't think Remove card works the way people thinks it should. Delete is what people should be using instead.&nbsp;

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Sheet Author
Thanks Gauss.&nbsp; That worked!&nbsp; I didn't have the removed pile enabled, so I never had the "Removed" option over the deck.&nbsp; Maybe "remove card" should not be an option in the context menu if you do not have the removed pile enabled...? idk