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Having trouble with VTM 5E dice mechanics API

Greetings! This is my first time trying out an API and I don't seem to get it to work... Whenever I load the VTM 5e dice mechanics API it remains stuck at ''Loading character sheets...'' and does not advance from that point. Anyone knows what is going on? Thank you very much beforehand. I have already tried the tips provided in the roll20 API wiki and even searched in this forum for similar problems, but I do not seem to find an answer. Have a nice day!
Sheet Author
API Scripter
I dont see how its possible to answer your question without seeing your code. If you remove your script entirely, does it get past that?
I mean, if I remove the script entirely there is just a blank slate. The game runs, but without any kind of change. I was just trying to get one of the one-click only API's in order to avoid trouble ):
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Dp any one click scripts run? I'd check some of those. Then with your own script, do an empty script - one that doesnt do anything, and add your code bit by bit to see where it breaks. You could also copy your code into a JS validator to see if there ae any syntax errors and immediate issues. Google's closure compiler (<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>) is a good one to try.

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Are you using the 'Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition by Roll20' character sheet? If so, that API is not built for that sheet. It's only for the sheet called 'Vampire the Masquerade 5th edition'. I know that might be confusing and if this is the case, it's probably the cause of the issue. The latter sheet is the one I personally use and I find it to be much more robust than the Roll20 sheet. That said, it's not official and it will not accept compendium entries.&nbsp; I can verify that API does work for the sheet its intended for. It should look like this.
Thank you both for your answers! I ended up being able to make it work (it seems to break with some new features from the character sheet. Had to avoid using the whispering option for rolls!) &lt;3
What do you mean by break? I'm using it just fine with whispering option set. I have a brand new game, with only the dice mechanics added and it's working without issues. Do you have&nbsp;Enable API Scripts (ST Pro-account only):&nbsp;&nbsp;checked on the sheet? What exactly is it doing that is causing issues?
Yeah, I did have it. I do not get it but unless I do a few public rolls beforehand, the whispering ones do not work ):