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[custom sheet] CSS/HTML help: not sure were element is being defined


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Hey everyone, A more technical question has formed while working on a custom char sheet for a ttrpg I am developing for fun. The sheet is based on the public 5e by roll20 sheet. Really dislike the eye-watering white background of the sheet so I was working on getting rid of that... but a problem appeared that really got me stuck for a few days now. Basically, after changing some coloring via the css file, a few elements became visible, and I don't like them like that. See the image below, I have marked the elements in question. For clarity's sake: the text elements next to the Add and Modify buttons are unwanted, and they appear in multiple places throughout the sheet, wherever repeating fieldsets can be interacted with (to add, re-order, or remove elements). I have combed though the css and the html file, and I just cannot find the place where these elements are defined. Anyone have any pointers? All the best, gui8312
Sheet Author
Look for .repcontrol .repcontrol_add and .repcontrol .repcontrol_edit.&nbsp; I believe the text is set using content of a css pseudo-element like ::before or ::after. Some info on the wiki: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Sheet Author
lol here's a post I made 7 years ago that might help. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Heya Vince! Thanks for the answers, was really stuck for a while, I bet this already lets me get there. gonna look into it soon :-)