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[LFP] Edge of the Swamp- Friday @6pm EST

Nestled near the fringes of the mystical Edra swamp, a humble town by the name of Edron holds its breath, gripped by an aura of trepidation. Whispers of eerie melodies and haunting cries echo through the air, their origins shrouded within the murky depths of the marshland. For some time now, the townsfolk have been plagued by these disconcerting sounds, but in recent days, a far more disturbing phenomenon has taken root. Brave souls who ventured into the swamp, lured by curiosity or perhaps driven by some unseen force, have vanished without a trace, swallowed whole by the enigmatic morass. Sensing an impending peril that defies comprehension, the townspeaker, with quivering voice and a plea in their eyes, has beseeched the aid of adventurers such as yourself. Tasked with the weighty responsibility of unraveling this enigma, you embark on a perilous journey into the heart of the unknown. Yet, let it be known, valiant adventurer, that the Edra swamp is no ordinary quagmire. Its murky waters conceal unseen perils and ancient secrets that stir beneath the surface. Malevolent spirits, writhing tendrils, and ancient curses lie in wait, eager to ensnare those who dare to tread upon its treacherous terrain. Steel your resolve, for this is a realm where danger lurks at every turn, and only the most resolute souls shall emerge unscathed. This game takes 3 to 5 hours, with a break at the 2 hour mark.
Is this a one-shot or a campaign?  Sounds interesting
Do you have Discord? I am interested in playing. DM me.
I'm interested, tell me more please.
Great, we just need one more
This is a one shot
Hi, we still have two openings if any body is interested
hey I would love e to join