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Looking for a DM for a paid game

A friend and myself are looking for a DM. We are looking at playing a rogue type game at level 10 or higher. It will just be two of us. We are not sure when we could play the game we would have to see what schedule worked for everyone. Please message me here with your idea for our campaign and your cost. We have both been playing DnD for a long time and want an experienced DM.
For Dnd 5e
I'd be happy to try it out, DM me and lets talk!
Hiya Neil, for a Mid-Level campaign, to cover expenses of having just the two of you as players I would rate 20$ per session for each of you, 40$ in total. The plus side is that I think with just two players we can have a very immersive game, for instance in the setting of Ravnica we could do a game where your characters would act as infiltrators in other guilds trying to uncover a conspiracy to bring down the whole city. In forgotten realms we could do a more faction based game revolving around the Harps and The Zentharim. I have a third idead to have the game taking place in my homebrew setting where you would play as supersoldiers from the Soldner Protokoll, where individuals are enhanced through arcane and magitechnological means to produce individuals who can take down a whole platoon of adventurers by themselves. If you are interested reach out to me on the pm's and we can schedule a VC chat to arrange the finr details of the game. Hope to hear from you real soon!