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press z to zoom pictures on the tabletop to full size (New feature in the latest update's undercard)

Forum Champion
This new feature is a nifty surprise, to me: Click on a token and press z key. (or try it on any selected picture on the Layer that you're on as GM). It pops-up the image to full resolution. If you have detailed portrait tokens, it lets you show the full size picture for a moment, then it returns to normal token size. Riley describes it on the forum, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... and in the Dev blog, <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... This is a graphics accessibility improvement for anyone who uses reduced-size pictures on the tabletop. The September update is overall headlined by updates to card decks but the "z to zoom pictures to full size" is not just for cards, nor even just tokens. Seems like a neat little upgrade. Since it wasn't touted in the card-focused headlines, I wanted to open a topic about this with a General On-Topic question. How are you using the new z-key capability in your campaigns?
I think it's a great little addition, I'm glad they included it. I don't really need it as GM, since I put the tokens and objects on the map to begin with. But I can see it being useful to players, if there is an object on the map that they are meant to manipulate or otherwise interact with, since it will allow them to see the object in full scale.
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We playtested the "press z to zoom a token" feature in some games. Cool feature, on the brink of a breakthrough if it's added for the GM to "z" for the players. My findings: It would be great if the GM can "Force-Z" to zoom any token to full resolution, forcing it to Show To Players. Feature Request: "GM could force-Z to zoom a token to full resolution for all the players to see." It would be like when the GM does a Handout "Show To Players" in that each player has the power to Close the image on their own screen, and only the GM can make it pop-up on everyone's screen. Anyone can continue to use "z to zoom a token" for themselves anytime, but only the GM can force it to show on everyone at the same time.
It would be awesome if you could select and zoom in also on tokens you can't edit. :) At the moment I typically prep full-size images of tokens as handouts, it'd save me a fair bit of work if the players could simply zoom in on the token.
The problem with it is that players cannot, as programmed, select tokens they do not have access to, so you can't physically select enemy/NPC tokens to Zoom if the GM has not put them in the "All Players have control" category. Which, in my mind, kind of defeats the purpose.
If we could zoom them for the players it would work.
I've requested it elsewhere, but I would like for Z to Zoom to work on the topmost token/object in the object layer simply by mousing over it and hitting z.