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OPEN ENROLLMENT! New players welcome! Seating is limited, 1st come, 1st served.&nbsp; Last time I ran a campaign, I had&nbsp; over 85 people express interest in the 1st week alone. I am the 1st to stream roll20 2E AD&amp;D on twitch, post full sessions on YouTube, use voice changing technology, use my own music and sound effects (outside of roll20), post DM Logs with photos and XP, create the DM 101 forum, and so on. I am a full-time,&nbsp; working DM. I've been hosting groups all over the country.&nbsp; This is what I do to earn a living.&nbsp; I've been DM'ing since the 70's.&nbsp; I own everything TSR made, as well as a comprehensive metal miniatures collection (dndlead is a customer).&nbsp; I can host any number of players, including 12+ in attendance, easily. For those looking to join a serious, long term, on-going 1st edition AD&amp;D group using established campaign settings and PLAY-TESTED adventure modules.&nbsp; We will provide you with everything you need to get going. We host games for both beginners and professionals.&nbsp; If you are a beginner, we can pair you up with the right group of players.&nbsp;&nbsp; Gygax hated psionics, so we will not be using it here. We will be using&nbsp; 1E rules as written.&nbsp; No permanent house rules of any kind. We want everyone to have a PROVEN, enjoyable experience, so we DO NOT use any kind of home brew garbage.&nbsp; Players are not unwitting guinea pigs or beta test lab rats, so don't panic, we will NEVER do that to you here...EVER. PayPal monthly recurring payment amount based upon session frequency and/or player group size.&nbsp; The lower the cost, the less sessions per month or the greater the number of players in the group (less turns).&nbsp; Family flat rate packages available. Click this link and post in the START HERE forum. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Reviews: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Session stream example... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> All streams... <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
SESSION DM LOG (from the stream). LINK <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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Actual DM SESSION LOG Post (game photos not shown)... QUICK READ RECAP The party scouts find both cart and foot traffic heading south toward the new capital of Pomarj, but indicate that they are not recent and have been there for some time. The party heads south following the tracks. During the morning of the second day they encounter a band of 12 hobgoblins and defeat them in combat. Later that day, they assist a crying woman seated on a massive boulder in the middle of the stone road, retrieving her possessions, by moving the boulder to reveal an empty box hidden below, into which she inserts her entire arm and pulls out a gold and crystal sword. The party learns that the sword was placed there to keep her from interfering in the waking of a slumbering evil in the mountains named Krovis. As a reward, she offers to help the party in their hour of greatest need by calling her name Serenah, twice, where she will grant them a wish. After this, she vanishes into thin air. The party tinkers with the box left behind and inadvertently opens a portal releasing a giant demon that flies away exclaiming "I'm coming to free you Krovis", and in a race against time, do all they can do to stop more entities from coming through the gate. Later, after tending to the immediate problem, they leave the area to find and enter a little known outpost called Kalen Lekos, to be invited to participate in their fall festival challenge championships for various class types the following morning. The party enters the tavern and proceeds to make arrangements for a nice warm meal and bed, something they hadn't had in a long, long time! DM SESSION LOG 151024 BEGIN... Serandon looks for tracks and finds some but they are old. Balfon says "Let's go back and kill them all!" Alignment check pass for Kezar to return and free the slaves. Tralaan thinks that returning would only incur more nasty surprises. Kell "free the slaves" Aaron "capital or bust" Karmadel tracking: 16 or lower Balfon: 11 Serandon: 14 Le'Axle: 12 Characters with tracking ability find old, but present wheel cart and foot tracks heading south and they decide to follow them. Party heads south toward the capital. First day of travel across the plains is without incident. Second day of travel, the party encounters a band of 12 hobgoblins approaching from the south. (Photo) Kezar screams "if it's prey you seek, look elsewhere, or come and meet an untimely end!" Le'Axle shoot two arrows, one critical, for 19 hp of damage, killing one! Karmadel successfully activates his protection from evil 10' radius armor ability and it works! Bjorn spear hedges. Serandon shoots and hits with two arrows for 12 hp of damage killing it! Karmadel inspires fear and yells "Run from me and my god!" Kell is attacked by two hobgoblins for 5 hp of damage. Hobgoblin hits Kezar for 2 hp of damage reducing him to 72. (Photo) Traalan casts fireball , hobgoblins make their save for half damage or 9 hp of damage. Kezar pummels the hobgoblin stooping to pick up his sword for 14 hp of damage, crushing him! Le'Axle backstabs a hobgoblin attacking Kell for 6 hp of damage killing it. Serandon kills two hobgoblins with two arrows! Kell hits one for 11 hp of damage killing it! Balfon hits a hobgoblin attacking Kezar for 9 hp of damage killing it! The party walks south along the road. At noon they come across a crying woman on a massive rock in the middle of the road. (Photo) Kezar looks for an ambush. Kyra readies her weapon. Le'Axle shoots arrow at rock, but the crying woman doesn't respond. Serandon asks the woman "Greetings fair damsel, what ails you?" She replies "You look like you could help me" "Tell us what you need help with and we'll try to assist" "I've lost some things and I need some big strong men to help me retrieve them" "We'll help you, we mean you no harm" "I've been placed under a curse and my things are under this boulder I'm sitting on" "Who cursed you?" "An ancient foe, that wishes me harm" "A being not from this world" Karmadel does not sense evil and shares that information with the party. Bjorn asks "Where are your things? Under the rock? Being from another world?" "It's too heavy for me." "An evil avatar wishes to wake the sleeping monster here". "For centuries this great evil Krovis has been asleep in the mountain, many entities are trying to wake it." "If you climb off of the rock we can help you," Bjorn asks Karmadel to use stone shape on the rock. Every strong member rolls the massive boulder out of the way revealing a buried box below. She reaches into the tiny empty box and withdraws a gold and crystalline sword , instructing the group that in their time of greatest needed all they need do is call her name Sereneah twice and she will come and grant them a wish. She thanks them "Fare thee well" and vanishes into thin air. Karmadel pours holy water into the open box. Karmadels armor ability protection from evil 10' turns on. A demon emerges and grows "Who brought me here?" The demon projects fear and party members fail their save and run. Karmadel pours another bottle of holy water into the box. The bottom of the box burns away revealing another dimension with fire below, smoke and shadows of flying creatures. "Come forth my brothers!" shouts the demon. (Photo) The demon grows and becomes airbone, flying away exclaiming "I'm coming Krovis! I'm coming!" Karmadel steps forward so his protection from evil covers the opening, asking for help to close the box. Kyra suggests calling for Sereneah for her promised wish and close the accidental gate. The party decides to save the wish and try other means first. Serandon closes the box. Party moves boulder back over box. Karmadel casts stone shape (20/45) to meld the boulder flat into the stone road. Party journeys south and finds a fork in the road heading west. (Photo) From the west, they hear a commotion of people and music. Shenjo casts camouflage on Kezar. Karmadel approaches the guards at the main gate of Kalen Lekos and inquires. The guards say "You should bring the big guy [Kezar] with you, he might be able to win some money. We are having muscle and spell tournaments tomorrow morning, and he and your other friends might be able to beat the current champions." The party asks for information on where to go for food and lodging. (Photo) The guards instruct the party to follow the noise coming from the tavern inn in the far SW corner of the place. (Photo) They enter the tavern and make preparations for a nice warm meal and bed, something that they haven't had in a long, long time. (Photo) Session closes for the evening. SUMMARY Party lump sum XP with all aspects considered (including but not limited to) session survival, skill usage, role-playing, alignment checks, etc: 8,640 Individual XP has been added to your character sheet already. Check for leveling. Karmadel, Priest/Bjorn (Christopher S.) Human/Human: 720/720 Balfon (Skyhawk) Dwarf: 720 Kezar / Kyra / Argo (Paul W.) Half-ogre/Dwarf/High Elf: 720/720/720 Tralann (Shalvenay K) Half Elf: 720 Kell / Aaron (Robert D.) Human/Human: 720/720 Leaxle (Neil C.) Elf, Wood: 720 Serandon (Mark H.) High Elf: 720 Shenjo / Dogs (Craig F.) Grey Elf: 720 SESSION LENGTH: 6 Hours